Q. Number of seats
A. Approx. 18,000 seats
Q. Secruity Screening
A. Please note that it might take cartain time to entry the venue because of the security screening before the entrance.
Q. Premium seats
A. If you purchase the tickets with Premium category, you will get 2019 Worlds original blanket at the venue.
You will get an exchange ticket and will be valid only on the day.
Q. Can I purchase or watch the Official Practice?
A. We are not selling Official Practice tickets for main rink from March 20th to 24th. However the door open will be 2 hours prior to the event, you might be able to watch the official practice at the main rink. Thank you for your cooperation that not interfere the skaters.
The tickes sell for the official practice at the practice rink is undecided, yet.
Q. Standing room
A. We are not selling standing room for this event.
Q. Participating Country
A. The information will be published around March.
Q. Participating Skaters
A. The information will be published around March.
Q. Can I re-entry the venue?
A. Yes, you can. When you re-enter the venue, you will need your ticket and a stamp on your hand which we will put it at the exit.
Q. The end time of the event
A. March 20 Wed. : approx. 21:00, March 21 Thu. : approx 21:00, March 22 Fri. : 22:00, March 23 Sat. : 22:00, March 24 Sun. : 18:00
Q. Is there any souvenirs shop?
A. Yes, we are plannning to sell the souvenirs and also the official program booklet at the venue. The detailed information will be updated to the official HP.
Q. Lost the tickets
A. The ticket cannot be reissued. Please do not loose or forget the tieckt.
Q. The location of skaters On/Off the ice.
A. The location of the skaters On and Off will be set close to the K&C. K&C is indicated to the official HP.
Q. Where is the medal plaza and also please tell me the schedule.
A. The segment medal ceremomny for FS/FD will be held at the medal plaza where is at right next to the ticket box.
The detail schedule will be announced at the official HP. March 23 Sat: Pairs and Ladies, March 24 Sun: Ice Dance and Men
Q. Seats allowed throwing flower and present onto the ice.
A. Throwing flower and/or present after the end of each performance is only allowed from the "Premium" seats.
  • Throwing objects onto the ice from the stands is prohibited.
  • Due to the construction of the venue as well as for safety reasons, venue security staff may forbid throwing object onto the ice at their discretions if any actions deemed to be a risk of the safety of others. Please follow the instructions of the staff.
Q. Gift and presents for competitor
A. Gift for competitor should be taken to the venue’s designated gift booth.
  • Please leave gift with competitor’s name to whom you are giving.
  • Gift and present are only for competitors performing in this competition.
  • Items that cannot be accepted are as follows.
    Food and drink (for security reasons), Living animals, various jewelry and other valuables, Cash voucher, Gift certificate, Flower stand.
Q. Banners and signs
A. There is no space to post any banner to cheer the skaters. Please hold your banner at your seat.
  • Banner that are hung either on the arena wall or over the railings will be removed by venue security staff.
  • Displaying unauthorized banner for purpose of promoting merchandise, corporate advertising or any commercial message are strictly prohibited. Banner must be handheld and for cheering purpose only.
  • Organizer assumes no responsibility for any incidents or troubles occurred between spectators at the event for which the ticket is issued.